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Public Policy and Higher Education PPT Assignment

Public Policy and Higher Education PPT Assignment

Question Description

I need paper and power point slides also

the paper should be around 7 pages at least.

in the power point, put 2 or 3 short videos’ link and data. in the ppt put main point in title. and supporting point as a bullet point.

My professor question as:

Each student will participate in writing a policy strengthen their understanding and ability to critique a higher education policy. The policy brief will identify a current problem facing higher education, analyze the policy options available to alleviate this problem, and make a recommendation for a policy action to be taken. Students will work individually to complete the assignment. Students will formally present their policy brief.

Critical analysis of policies are a significant component of the course and related assignments. Students will work individually to facilitate a discussion and provide a critique of a select higher education policy.

  • -I need policy analysis paper.
  • -I take this policy: (Academic Freedom, Civil Rights and Social Issues).
  • -1- I need an introduction. a thesis should in the introduction, and make it very clear and obvious.
  • -2- what are some issues in higher education (individual, state, social, government), so this policy come out.?
  • -3- I want my positionality to take this policy. I mean my point of view to pick this policy. You can mention here that I am an international student so why it is important to me. right why this policy is important for me. the other important thing is make your position, and you are arguing for or against the policy.
  • -make it well organize paper.
  • -4- also show for & against of the policy. I prefer to add here a statistical of this policy and what happen in various states.
  • -5- also mention the history of the policy. in a critical way. what means this policy? what is the problem, identify the problem?
  • -6- also include the first and second amendment to support the policy. also mention here about title nine. Furthermore, if there are other policies from the government which support this policy please mention them.
  • -7- it is very preferred if you could include some statistical information to support the policy.
  • -the most important thing is to use two theories to describe the policy. it should be more around two pages. I attached the theories in file. use these two theories to analyze. (the diffusions theory and Muddling theory).
  • -Do not make extra spaces.
  • -Do not make too long sentences.
  • -argument must be clear.
  • -(if you find data and cases to support, please mention them).
  • -avoid plagiarism,
  • -7- answer these questions in the policy analysis (In which ways does the government support this policy? when also talk about the policy why it is beneficial? what will be the implication if the policy removed, and how is the policy looking now? Also describe the situation before this policy come out? why and who? what are social issues or other issues come from the policy? who is beneficial from this policy?
  • -mention the goals of the policy.
  • -make the recommendation for the policy? (student. faculty. administrative), and implication also.
  • -make good conclusion.
  • — use at least 5 outside references.
  • – if you make citation from the book only put page number.
  • -if you put other outside references make author and page number.

I attached a file. the number not in an order. I organize it by the topic.

page 3, you can use what mean a policy.

page (5, 194,44), for Diffusion Theory

page (168. 177) for Muddling Theory.

pages (241- 248) this chapter show how you analyze the policy; it gives you the steps.

pages (315, 316, 562, 563, 581-586) it gives you the idea how I want the implications

pages (338-340) you can take idea of good introduction.

pages (331) you can get an idea how to make recommendations.

in the second files. i took the policy from its.

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