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Retail Clothing Illegal Or Unethical Behaviors Business Report

Retail Clothing Illegal Or Unethical Behaviors Business Report

Question Description

Select ONE topic from the list below. After selecting a topic, pick an industry (e.g. retail banking, retail clothing,

retail restaurant, financial, engineering, legal, sports, real estate, entertainment, etc.). Then select a particular

companyone that you patronize perhaps, or would like to work for one day, or has been in the news recently, etc.,

as your basis for the report.

  1. Illegal or Unethical Behavior in the Workplace has soared today, according to recent surveys of thousands of American workers in the U.S. More than 75 percent of these workers surveyed said they had observed unethical behavior, including deceptive sales practices, unsafe working conditions, mishandling proprietary or confidential information, discrimination, and sexual harassment. What are corporations doing to address these issues? Other than the strict penalties for corporate crime, what effect does ignoring these problems have on employee retention for example? What can corporations do to ensure an ethical workplace? Address one or more of such behaviors, research, analyze, and make recommendations.

Review the assigned readings of Chapters 12 and 13 in the book for this assignment. Review your notes on how to write the business report, fully discussed in class back in March. Follow the list of things below most of which were discussed in past lectures relating to report writing. Use it as a checklist to ensure that all steps have been done properly before submitting your work for grading, and posting it on Canvas. Review the document in Canvas for General Layout of a Business Report.A Grading Criteria document will be posted soon in Assignment on Canvas for Business Report.

  1. Brainstorm ideas about your topic; write down everything that comes to mind about the topic. Then organize your ideas.
  1. Decide on your secondary and primary research methods; try to include both types.

a. Secondary research methods – Internet, library (magazines, books, newspapers), etc.

b. Primary research methods – interviews, surveys, observations, and/or experiments.

  1. For primary research, create appropriate survey questions (from three to eight questions).
  1. A valid survey covers a diverse section of the population.
  1. For interviews, make the appointments, be considerate of the interviewee’s time limits, avoid asking intimate or embarrassing and limit your questions to four or five.
  1. Try to interview a person or persons of importance, expertise: firm’s owner, manager, etc.
  1. When quoting an interviewee, make sure the person’s remark is enclosed with quotation marks; otherwise paraphrase the person’s response.
  1. Write the first draft; review the chapters on Report Writing again in the book.
  1. Begin with the purpose of your report.Avoid long openings; remember that the objective is to “hook” your reader with the first few sentences of your report. Avoid sensationalism.
  1. In the second or third paragraph (body) give details, explanations, and only facts in the body section of the report. Use charts, tables, etc. to show what you mean by summarizing your data in a visual form.
  1. Each table or graph/chart should be on a page by itself. Use landscape format.
  1. Explain the visual on the page before, not after.
  1. Write proper titles, legends, and units of measurements for your visuals.
  1. If doing a pie chart, follow the rules as mentioned in class.
  1. Don’t “make up” facts. Every piece of datayou put in your reportmust be clearly cited.
  1. Use either the MLA or the APA style to document your work (see
  1. Use headings, sub headings appropriately to guide the reader to the next topic.
  1. Use transitional expressions when necessary to have a smooth flow in your writing.
  1. Use informal language for the opening and the closing (pronouns and contractions), but formal language for the middle part of your report which will be mostly facts.
  1. Write proper conclusions based on your research in a listed format with either bullet points or numbers.
  1. From your conclusion(s), make your recommendation(s); same rule as above for Recommendations.
  1. You may use the words CONCLUSION or RECOMMENDATION as subtitles.
  1. Use Times Roman 12 for the text part of your writing.Use the same font type but size 14 for your heading. For subtitles either use bold, underline or both.
  1. Use conversational English; check for spelling and grammatical errors thoroughly. Use when required.
  1. Simply copying and pasting from the Internet or other sources, and using other people’s writing as your own is called plagiarism or stealing. Reference all work that is not yours.
  1. If TurnItIn shows more than 30 percent copied, your work will be heavily penalized.
  1. Write concisely, be economically concerned with word usage in business writing.
  1. Single space text but double space between paragraphs.
  1. Leave enough “white space” between different sections of your report; between subtitle and the text, and around other elements of your report such as charts and tables.
  1. Leave at least 1” margin on either side of the paper. Bottom margin should be no less than 1”. You may follow the default margins of your computer which are standard in most cases.
  1. Use proper headers on every page (check the Internet for MLA/APA styles—
  1. Have a title pagewith the name of your report (create one—could be the name of your business topic), your full name, school (spell out SMC), course name (Business Communication), date, and my name (Professor R. Paik)..
  1. The report should be 10 pages minimum, including everything—graphs, references, etc., but not the title sheet or the appendices.
  1. On a separate sheet write your references/work cited to document your research sources.
  1. Include your survey or interview questions on a separate sheet with the proper title such as Survey Questions or Interview Questions. The main heading should be APPENDIX I, etc..
  1. Include any supplemental items such as maps or photos at the very end of your report in the appendices (APPENDIX 1, APPENDIX II, etc.).
  1. The order of items in your report should be as follows: Title Page, Report, Work Cited/References, Appendix 1 (Survey Questions), Appendix 2 (Maps), etc.
  1. All pages of the report should be numbered. If you have more than two pages of supplementary material (Appendix I—title on top, etc.) then number those pages differently (i, ii, iii, etc.) in the footer. Page 1 of report begins with the report—not with the Title sheet—and ends with the Work Cited/Reference page.
  1. Create a separate document for the title page, a separate document for the report, and a separate page for the Appendices (if you need them). The report should be ten pages long minimum, not counting the title page or the Appendices.
  1. Make sure that youproofread your work thoroughly before handing it to me.Have someone else look at it for further evaluation, if possible.Proofread very carefully.

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