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CJUS650 Colorado Technical Analyzing and Quantifying Risk Outline Paper

CJUS650 Colorado Technical Analyzing and Quantifying Risk Outline Paper

Question Description

This is an outline that has to be done with the roman numerals and bullet points. Down below is the layout that will be for the research paper that’s due next week. I need an outline of the actual research paper. Please read all instructions carefully.

Key Assignment Draft

You are an action officer in one of the operating agencies or directorates of the Department Homeland Security. You have been assigned to work in the budget development process of the agency or directorate. The senior budget officer has recently been assigned to this office and desires an information paper on the current Strategic Plan (StratPlan) of the agency or directorate to begin preparing for the next Strategic Plan and budget cycle. The budget director has reviewed your information paper (Individual Project 3). The budget director now desires an analysis and decision support paper. The specific intent is to determine if agency or directorate priorities are aligned with department priorities, and if not, what are the realignment requirements to correctly align agency or directorate priorities to the department priorities. Using the work completed in the Unit 3 Individual Project and your instructor’s feedback, conduct an analysis in support of the budget director’s objectives.

Conduct an analysis of the current Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Homeland Security Quadrennial Review (HSQR), Bottom Up Review (BUR), the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Fiscal Years (FY) 2014–2018 Strategic Plan (StratPlan), and the DHS FY2015 Budget in Brief (BIB). Prepare a decision support paper. The paper provides a summary of the DHS Strategic Plan and Budget priorities, identifies any agency or directorate priority misalignments, and provides recommendations for agency or directorate program priority alignment within the DHS StratPlan. Justification of all recommendations is required within the report.

Your report is a decision support paper and should be formatted as a formal report. The report should address the following items:

  • Purpose statement
  • Background discussion
  • Analysis methodology discussion
  • Summary and findings of review for each specified document:
    • Homeland Security Quadrennial Review (HSQR)
    • Bottom-Up Review (BUR)
    • the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Fiscal Years (FY) 2014–2018 Strategic Plan (StratPlan), and the DHS FY2015 Budget in Brief (BIB)
  • Summary of key findings
  • Provide any recommendations that you may have
  • Reference all source material and citations using APA 6th edition
  • Use of the CTU Online Graduate Writing template is required
Instructor’s Comments:

The KAO assignment (U4DB) is an IQ test. It is also an exercise in following instructions. How difficult it is to follow these instructions?

  1. Follow the numbering system precisely as shown in the example outlines in this order, Capital Roman Numeral, Capital Alphabetical Letter, Arabic Numeral, and lowercase alphabetical letter. For example, I.A.1.a, etc.
  2. All subheadings should be from one to five words (max.) in length. If over five words, truncate the excess words. Use abbreviations/acronyms to get the word count down.
  3. Watch for parallelism problems. If you have an “A.” you must have a “B.” and so on. If you cannot come up with a “B.”, then fold the “child” into the “parent.”
  4. Keep It Short and Simple (K.I.S.S.).

Thus far, no student has gotten it completely correct. Why is that? LOL!

The same goes with the cover/title page on the Unit IP assignments. Very few students get the cover/title page completely correct. Follow the examples to the T. Only about 10% of the students get the cover/title page completely correct. Why is that? Some students will go through eight IP assignments and never get it completely correct. LOL!

Keep forging ahead!

Your outline should establish your thought process and your strategy for preparing your research paper.

Do not write your outline so detailed and so extensive that if you were to write about everything in your outline, you would never be able to fit it on the pages

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