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Beihang University Classical Account of Knowledge Philosophy

Beihang University Classical Account of Knowledge Philosophy

Question Description

according to the pdf attached answer any two of the questions with 150+ words each


(1) What is the classical account of knowledge?

(2) What are Gettierstyle counterexamples, and how do they challenge the classical account of knowledge?

(3) What, if anything, is wrong with defining knowledge as justified true belief that is based on no false assumptions?

(4) Is knowledge instrumentally valuable? If so, why, and to what extent?

(5) Is knowledge more valuable than mere true belief?

(6) What is the radical sceptical argument, and how does it trade on (i) sceptical hypotheses, and (ii) the closure principle?

(7) Can one coherently deny the closure principle?

(8) Is it possible to know the denials of radical sceptical hypotheses?

(9) Is ‘knows’ a context-sensitive term? If so, does this have any bearing on radical scepticism?

(10) What is the hard problem of consciousness? How hard is it?

(11) What is the ‘Mary’ problem against physicalism, and how effective is it?

(12) What are philosophical zombies, and what problem are they meant to pose for physicalism? How plausible is the zombie argument?

(13) Is conceivability a guide to (metaphysical) possibility? If not, why might this be important?

(14) What is direct realism, and how does it differ from indirect realism?

(15) What is the argument from illusion, and how is it used to motivate indirect realism over direct realism? Is it effective?

(15) What is disjunctivism, and how does it respond to the argument from illusion?

(17) What is the feeling account of emotions, and what problems does it face?

(18) What is the cognitive account of emotions, and what problems does it face?

(19) What is the problem of fiction, and how do you think one should respond to it?

(20) Are emotions ever rational?

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