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Florida Gateway College Well Two Spirits Film Essay

Florida Gateway College Well Two Spirits Film Essay

Question Description

Essay 3 (Analysis) (1500-2000 words) ENC 1101Objective:Write a well-developed essay—double-spaced with your name, date, and section in top rightcorner—that addresses one of the following topics:Option 1: Choose two or three versions of a story, preferably from different media, and write awell-organized essay comparing them and asserting a value judgment about them, e.g.,which is more effective? Why? (Example: Johnny Depp is a better Willy Wonka thanGene Wilder because the former is creepier and truer to the original book.)Option 2: For this essay, you will choose a visual text either from this course or from another mediasource that is significant to you (a photographic image, billboard, movie clip, TV clip,home video, etc.). Write an essay that analyzes the chosen text, yourexperiences/reactions to the text, and perhaps its effect on a broader audience. Perhapsyou recently saw a movie that had an impact on you—one you thought about for daysafter you saw it. In an essay you could analyze the text—the movie—and write aboutyour reactions to it and its effect on others. Another example would be to choose a homevideo—perhaps of a memorable family gathering—and analyze why that particular videois important to you—perhaps what that video reveals about your family or the way yourfamily has changed since the video was made.Option 3: This paper will analyze the effects on American culture of some kind of discourseaddressed to the general public—advertising, television, radio, magazines, film, etc. Youmight choose some popular celebrity or television show and consider why that person orshow appeals to people. Or you can explore how a particular form of public discoursereinforces stereotypes or American myths. Another option would be to explore how aparticular theme (love, success, gender roles) are influenced by various forms ofdiscourse. This paper may include both print and non-print sources.Writing Tasks:As you outline and draft your essay, keep the following in mind: Begin with a thesis statement that is a direct response to the topic. Assume that your reader may need refreshing about the subject matter of each essay. Remember that a thesis has to be debatable. You can’t just say “X and Y have similaritiesand differences.” That’s a fact, not a thesis. One of your reasons may not be “I like X because I haven’t seen/read/heard Y.” Regardless of which option you choose, you MUST include a Works Cited page thatincludes at least two outside sources. (Remember that the source texts/images count assources.) Check to see that you are really responding to the topic. Ask yourself: if someone picked upmy essay and read it without knowing the assignment, would that person be able to tell whatthe topic was? If you think the reader might not be able to identify the topic from simplyreading your essay, go back and check your thesis and topic sentences for focus.

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