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Case Study Instructions

Select a scenario below and discuss how you would proceed if working with this client.


Scenario #1

Mario is an illegal alien from Mexico. He has lived in the U.S. for five years and worked various construction jobs in the South. Mario’s family stayed behind in Mexico so he struggles with loneliness and has a poor social network except for an outreach ministry at a local Catholic Church. 


Mario was pulled over and charged with a DUI. He was sent to your agency for mandatory counseling in addition to attending a drug treatment support group like Alcoholics Anonymous. You are assigned Mario’s case.


Scenario #2

Janet just completed her fourth divorce. She is in her early 30s. Her personal life is in chaos. She has children by three of her former husbands. Janet has struggled with addiction issues over the years including alcohol and drugs. She came from a very difficult family where her parents were alcoholics and often fought with each other. Janet was sexually abused by her uncle on more than one occasion when he lived with the family during her early teen years. Janet’s problems with drugs and alcohol began as a teenager.


Scenario #3

Roger is an obese 40-year old man and suffers from other health issues like diabetes and high blood pressure. Roger reports that he lives alone and has very few friends. Roger is single and would like to be married. However, he is afraid that women will reject his advances due to his weight. To further complicate the issue, he reports struggling with homosexual thoughts and feelings. Roger sought your help because he recently contemplated suicide.


Assignment Instructions


Select a scenario and explain how you would proceed in counseling this client. Do not copy the scenario into your paper. The following items can serve as sections in the paper. Be sure to identify each section in the paper by using at least APA Level 1 headings.


1.      Personal information

Discuss the information you want to obtain from the client in the first session. Why do you want this information? Would one of the taxonomy models such as the one offered by Hays or Maslow be appropriate? Be clear in identifying this information such as Family Background or Relationship Background and explain why you would want to know this information.


2.      Personal Biases and Limitations

Every counselor needs to consider his/her personal biases and limitations carefully. If the topic is a hot-button or you lack sufficient knowledge to be effective with the client then you would need to refer. Identify possible problems in working with the client. Be clear in explaining why these issues could detract from counseling.


3.      Goals

What goals would you like to achieve with the client? Why do you believe that these goals are important? What would you do if the client refused to accept a goal that you believe would be helpful? If you were allowed only one goal, what would that goal be? Why do you believe this would be the most beneficial goal?


4.      Theoretical Approach

Discuss the theoretical approach or model that you believe will be most effective for the client. Why will this model be the best model to use? What counseling techniques would be appropriate (e.g., genograms, journaling)? How many sessions would you schedule? Would you encourage the client to seek other areas of psycho-educational assistance or resources?


5.      Therapeutic Progress and Success

How do you plan to measure success? Why is this form of measurement the best method to use with this client?


6.      Conclusion

The conclusion should provide a brief summary of your closing thoughts or concerns about the future progress of the client.


Paper Requirements


Thebody of the paper must be 3–5 pages in addition to the title page, abstract page, reference page, and the rubric page.


The paper must include a minimum of 3 peer-reviewed sources. The information borrowed from the resources should offer support for your comments. Use the course materials and peer-reviewed journals easily accessed through Liberty University’s online library. If you have questions about the online library, contact the online librarian.


Information borrowed from other resources must be cited in the body of the paper in addition to listing the source citations alphabetically on the reference page.


The assignment must include a titlepage,an abstractpage and a reference page that are current APA format compliant. Followcurrent APA formatting throughout the paper.


If you need assistance with current APA format, contact the Online Writing Center or Liberty University offers a link to through the Liberty University Online website. Sign in with your Liberty username and password. 




Final Paper Instructions

In the final module/week of this course, a final paper is required. The research topic was submitted in Module/Week 2.


The final paper must be 10–12 pages (not including the title page, abstract page, reference pages or rubric page).


The paper must include a minimum of 10 peer-reviewed and academic journal resources. The articles should be dated within the past 5 years. Academic journals can be easily accessed through Liberty University’s online library. A librarian is available to assist online students.


Remember that information from generic websites (e.g., Wikipedia, not counttowards the minimum of 10 sources required in the paper. Rely on peer-reviewed resources easily accessed through Liberty University’s online library.


Do not include pictures, charts, or graphs in the final paper.


Most of the paper was completed over the term. You should have a title page and abstract from previous modules/weeks. The annotated bibliography should not be pasted in the paper. However, the annotated bibliography should offer the information and sources that you may use in the paper.


The required components that must be included in the paper:

·         Title page

·         Abstract page

·         Body of 10–12 pages

·         Reference pages

·         Rubric page


The paper must follow current APA format guidelines.


Here is the rubric


Final Paper Grading Rubric




Points Possible

Points Earned

Instructor’s Comments

Title Page:

·         Running head is present and in proper format and flush with the left margin inside the top margin.

·         Page number appears inside the top margin flush with right margin.

·         The remaining title page information was included per current APA format guidelines.









·         The abstract includes the heading in the correct format and position.

·         The abstract was not indented and is between 150- 250 words.

·         No citations were included.








Required components:

·         The paper includes the required headings per current APA format guidelines.

·         The paper presented a thorough discussion of the topic.

·         Appropriate headings were included and provided clarity for the paper.

·         The points were supported by the proper use of citations.

·         A minimum of 10 academic resources, from within last 5 years, were cited in the paper.

·         The paper was the appropriate length (10–12 pages of body plus the title, abstract, reference pages and rubric page).








Scholarly writing

·         The paragraphs are grammatically correct and include a clear topic sentence.

·         Paragraphs consist of 3–6 sentences.

·         Sentences are well-constructed, complete,

clear, and concise.

·         Proper punctuation was used in the sentences.

·         Citations were properly formatted.

·         The paper contained no typographical or grammatical errors.








Final Paper Total Points




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