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BooK Report by

BooK Report by

The Book Report is due in Module/Week 5. You are encouraged to select a book and begin reading it early in the course. The book you choose must be written about children by a professional in the field of child development (examples of professionals are doctors, educators, pediatric nurses, psychiatrists, psychologists, and social workers) and must be between 250–300 pages. Write a well-focused Book Report discussing the child development issues/ideas addressed in your chosen book. Your paper must include 4–5 pages of text as well as a title page and a references page. The title page, the body of the paper, and the references page must all be formatted according to current APA style as outlined in the APA Manual. In your report, include the number of pages in your chosen book. The Grading Rubric for this assignment provides the specific requirements and expectations for the assignment. Review it before submitting your paper.

Book Report Clarifications/Helps:

Also, as you know, the book report is due this week.  If you have not already reviewed your grade with the feedback on the article critique, please do so. Using the feedback from that assignment should be very helpful to you in writing the book review, since the assignments are – in many ways – very similar.

Please remember that the assignment for the Book Report is to submit a report on the book that you chose to read. Rather than presenting a research paper on the subject of the book that you read – with occasional citations to the book (with or without additional citations to other sources) – or a summary of someone else’s review entirely, you should submit a book report on the particular book that you read specifically. Thus, while you might summarize the information presented in your book as part of your report, you should consistently keep your writing focused as a report of the particular book that you chose for reading (not a paper on the general subject/topic of your book). Using phrases such as, “The author approached the topic of…,” “Then the author moved to discussing the subject of…”, and “The book was organized into chapters by…” will help keep your report focused on the book, rather than the subject of the book.

If you feel uncertain about what a book report is, it might be helpful for you to first review what a Book Report is (and/or what it is not).   For a review of the components and writing of a Book Report, please visit and/or

As explains, using a Book Report outline might help you organize your thoughts and writing as you approach the assignment.  The general components of a Book Report will include an introduction, a summary of the book, an evaluation, and a conclusion.

In the introductory paragraph, you will want to include the basic information about the book, including title, author, publisher, year of publishing, and number of pages.  It should also include a thesis-type statement where you state the main conclusion of your Report.  [i.e., Your main point might be that you really learned a lot from the book, because it was organized so clearly, and it included research-based information from professional literature that was cited.]

In the main body of the Report, you will explain what the book is about. You will include a summary of the author’s main points, ideas, factual assertions, and even opinion-based arguments.  You might even use the headings of the chapters to help organize how you present the author’s main ideas.

In the personal evaluation portion, you can describe what you believe to be the strengths and weaknesses of the book along with what you learned and whether you would recommend it to others.

Your concluding paragraph should reiterate the main subject of the book along with the author’s main guiding points or conclusions. It should also briefly summarize your overall perspective of the book and your thesis statement from the introductory paragraph.

The body should be 3 – 4 full pages, so with the title page, body, and reference page, you will end up with 6 – 7 pages. 

I don’t know if that helps or not, but please take some time to visit the sites mentioned in this announcement. If you have any questions, please let me know.

[Also, as I know some of you will be using a Kindle book, the following information might be helpful to you. It is taken from: :

“For the reference list entry, you’ll need to include the type of e-book version you read (two examples are the Kindle DX version and the Adobe Digital Editions version). In lieu of publisher information, include the book’s DOI or where you downloaded the e-book from (if there is no DOI). For example:



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