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Computers Topic I&II

Computers Topic I&II

Assignment 2: Discussion Questions

By Saturday, September 5, 2015, respond to the two discussion questions that appear below. Submit your responses to the appropriate topic of this Discussion Area. Start reviewing and responding substantively to a minimum of two other students (and your instructor if asked a question) for EACH discussion question. Continue to come back throughout the week to read and respond to others. Active discussions enable you to develop a broader knowledge of the topic at hand and to provide your classmates with any insights you may bring. If a particular topic is exhausted, please feel free to discuss other topics from your reading and studying this week.

Each week, you will participate in two discussion questions. You are to both demonstrate your knowledge of the topics and support your ideas by sharing examples from the textbook, online reading, Internet researches, or detailed personal examples that support your points. Unsupported opinions are not justification of the statements you make.

SUO_ITS1000_W1_A1_G1.gifPlease note that the first question requires you to submit an attachment with your response. 

  • To add an Attachment, click on Add/Remove below the message box, browse to locate your saved file, click on the file, and then Open it.
  • You cannot attach a file to an empty message box so use it to write about your experience with this assignment.
  • Discuss whether it was difficult, easy, if you learned anything, and what might be helpful for future assignments.
  • It is valuable to include this type of information with every assignment because your feedback helps us to continually improve our courses to better serve you.

You will not add attachments to future assignments unless instructions specifically call for it such as when you need to use a program for special formatting.

Complete your participation for this assignment by Wednesday, September 9, 2015. No participation points can be awarded after the end of that week.

SUO_ITS1000_W1_A1_G2.gifMake sure you respond to Discussion Question 1 and Discussion Question 2 which are found by scrolling down to “Topics” below.





Demo: Click on the link shown below to view a demonstration about how to post to theDiscussion Area.

  • Posting to a discussion
  • 1. Please do not copy and paste the entire question in your response.

    2. Share a minimum of two substantive responses to at least two other students for each question.

    3. Respond to the instructor if appropriate.

    4. Help us to expand our knowledge.

        Arrow Use the  Respond link to post responses and materials that pertain to this assignment. Use the  Respond link beneath any existing postings to respond to them.

    Discussion Question 1
    Discussion Question 2
    Discussion Question 1

    If you don’t have Word 2007, 2010, or 2013 yet, make arrangements to get it now.

    Learning to use the tools of a new system can be frustrating at first. When you learn to locate the correct tools to do the things you want to do, you will save a lot of time and may even enjoy the process of creating documents. For this assignment:

    • Create a document (in any file format that will open in Microsoft Word, including Notepad or WordPad).
    • In the new document, share three things that you learned about your computer from your online textbook or other readings this week. Put this in your own words and be as specific as possible.
    • Identify the program you used and describe three tools contained in it. Share in detail what they enable you to do. Actually ‘play’ with the tools so you can include your experiences with them. If you can, put examples of what you did in your attachment. Share any challenges or ‘ahas’ (exciting insights) that you had while exploring.

    Save your work and name the file: W1A2-DQ1-YourLastName. Attach this document to your response in the Discussion Area by Saturday, September 5, 2015.

    In your discussions consider the following:

    • Remember to comment respectfully and substantively to at least two other students about the features they chose to share and to respond to the instructor’s questions to you if any are posted.
    • A simple statement of agreement, although greatly appreciated, is not substantive and will not receive full credit.
    • Challenge one another respectfully and share additional knowledge and insights to obtain your greatest potential in the course and the greatest number of points!
    • Participation for this assignment could include actually trying one or more of the tools shared by a student and sharing your example and how it worked for you. In addition, you could ask questions (questions alone do not count), and provide tips.
    • Remember to support your statements with examples.

     TOPIC 2

    If you don’t have Word 2007, 2010, or 2013 yet, make arrangements to get it now.

    We often find that in teaching someone else, the instructor learns too. For this assignment, imagine that you are teaching your dear Aunt Sally how a computer works. Don’t worry. You have this week’s course readings (found under Course Home on the left side of your screen in Syllabus), as well as the online lectures. You can also use the popular search engines listed below to research “How do computers work” (Not “how to work a computer“). Read enough so you can explain, in your own words and so dear Aunt Sally can understand the basics of how a computer works.

    Your explanation should be from 200-500 words. In the weeks to come we will discuss proper citation of sources but for this assignment simply copy and paste at the bottom of your response the web addresses of any sites you use for information. Note that often the top search engine results are advertisements and they probably aren’t your best source.

    In your discussions consider the following:

    • Remember, for participation credit you need to respond substantively to a minimum of two other students and to the instructor if s/he asks you any questions.
    • For participation for this assignment, you might look up unfamiliar terms on how a computer works and share your new insights about those.
    • Point out a perceived misconception that someone else had and where the student could find out more about that topic.
    • Share an experience when you used this knowledge or where it might have been helpful and what you would do differently in the future, etc.

    Common mistakes students might make in this first assignment include:

    • Not punctuating or capitalizing correctly, including proper names and the word “I”
    • Misspellings (Take advantage of the spell check function in the response box.)
    • Incorrect paragraph breaks (Be sure to separate your ideas into their own paragraphs.)
    • Being too brief or too lengthy (Always make best use of any word count guidance you are given. if no other guidance has been provided, aim for at least 200 words.)
    • Not returning to participate with others (This accounts for half of the points in this assignment.) Keep in mind a quick “Nice to meet you” response will not earn you points…your replies must be substantial, engaging, and responsive. Ask questions, tell stories, discuss what you are learning. Aim for at least 75 to 100 words in all of your responses to peers. It is more about quality than quantity. Interacting with others is a significant part of all online college experiences. Most assignments require participation and are worth significant points.


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