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Assignment 1: Discussion Questions

By Saturday, September 26, 2015, respond to both discussion questions that appear below in the Topic area. Start reviewing and responding substantively to your classmates as early in the week as possible. Continue to come back throughout the week to read and respond substantively to a minimum of two other students (and your instructor if asked a question) for EACH discussion question. This will help increase your understanding and increase the understanding of the class. If a particular topic is exhausted, please refer to topics from your reading/studying this week. 

You are to both demonstrate your knowledge of the topics and support your ideas by sharing examples from the textbook, online reading, Internet researches, or detailed personal examples that support your points. Opinions are not justification.

If a particular topic is exhausted, please refer to topics from your reading/studying this week. No participation points can be awarded after the end of the current week.

Complete your participation for this assignment by Tuesday, September 29, 2015.

SUO_ITS1000_W1_A1_G2.gifMake sure you respond to Discussion Question 1 and Discussion Question 2.





    Arrow Use the  Respond link to post responses and materials that pertain to this assignment. Use the  Respond link beneath any existing postings to respond to them.

Discussion Question 1
Discussion Question 2
Discussion Question 1

Discussion: Guest List

For this assignment, you create a list in MS Excel of a few of the people coming to your graduation party. If you work ahead within this week, you can post questions about this assignment on the Questions for the Professorpage under Course Home or by another method if suggested by your instructor and still be able to submit your assignment on time.

You will be merging the data into a Word document in Week 5 so the layout of your data is very important. You need each data value in its own column. For example, the first name, last name, address, city, state, etc., should each be in its own column (as shown in the example below). By organizing your data in this manner, you can reuse the data in many different ways and in any order that you want. You can also sort the data by any column you want—last name, zip code, city, etc. It also makes it possible to export the data to a database if you so choose.

  1. Layout your Excel spreadsheet following the example below. Make your columns as wide as you need to show all the information for that column by double clicking on the line between the columns or dragging the line between the columns. Cell I1 had the Wrap Text on the Home ribbon in the Alignment group turned on due to the length of the title.

The columns are: Fname (first name), Lname (last name), Address, City, State, Zip, Phone, E-mail, and how many total people are coming with this person.

  1. Fill in information for at least 5 people you want to invite; make up the data for privacy purposes. Use correct capitalization.
  2. Sort your information by the last name (Lname).
  3. MS Excel is a great help with calculations which are completed using formulas. Remember, by typing an equal sign (=) into a cell, you are preparing MS Excel to do a formula calculation. Refresh your memory on the use of formulas from this week’s readings in the textbook and the online lectures. Using MS Excel formulas such as AutoSum or =SUM(your range), add the number of guests attending the event in Column I for planning purposes. Share any questions about this or anything else in the Problems and Solutions area.
  4. Save the file as lastname_eventlist.xlsx. You will use this file again for a Mail Merge in Week 5.
  5. Delete the unused worksheets by right clicking on them one at a time and choosing Delete.
  6. Rename Sheet 1 to Event List by double clicking on the Sheet tab and typing in the new name. Right click on the tab and change the color of it to a color of your choice.
  7. Share any insights or challenges you had while creating this spreadsheet.

Remember to respond substantively to two other students and to the instructor. For this assignment, you can respectfully share comments about layout, formatting, column widths, how to create any other formulas and what you might use them for, as well as other possible uses for MS Excel.





MS Excel is a great help with calculations which are completed using formulas. Remember, by typing an equal sign (=) into a cell, you are preparing MS Excel to do a formula calculation. Refresh your memory on the use of formulas from this week’s readings in the textbook and the online lectures. 
For this assignment, you will think of a situation at home, work or even a hobby or sport for which you could use a calculation and create a formula to solve a problem.

  • Open a spreadsheet in MS Excel and create your formula. Make sure you label components of your spreadsheet.
  • Save your spreadsheet and name it W4_A1_Lastname_Firstname.xlsx.Attach your spreadsheet with the formula to your Discussion Question 2 response.
  • In the Discussion Area, describe the purpose of your formula and how it will help solve the problem it was designed to address. Share any challenges you had as well as tips for others.

In your discussion with your classmates, include any helpful comments and let them know how you might benefit from the formulas they have created.


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