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nned in 6 hours

nned in 6 hours


In this assignment, you will learn to create a physical database model in Visio from business requirements. To complete this assignment, you will need to be able to run Visio 2010, either through Citrix or installed on your workstation or laptop.








Name your Visio file as Lastname_Task2.vsd. Create and save your database model in your Visio file. When you are done, submit your document to the Week 4: Course Project Task 2 Dropbox.








Read the following business requirements closely to determine the entities and relationships needed to fulfill the requirements. The nouns in the paragraph will tell you the entities that will be needed. The adjectives that describe those nouns are the attributes of that entity.  The verbs in the paragraph will help you determine the relationships between the entities.




ABC Company Order Inventory System

Database Requirements

The ABC company has many stores in many locations that are divided in regions. The company supplies products to these stores. For the purposes of this database you may think that it is an American company in terms of regions such as Midwest.

Each store is their customer/client. The company recognizes these stores by their store ID. They also keep track of the store name, address, and contact name.

Stores may place orders online, or by phone/fax. Each order must be uniquely identified by an order number. Each order has a date on which the order was made, a date when the order was shipped, an employee who took the order (or it could be an online order), and the mode of payment.

To make sure that the stores get their order on time, the stores are assigned to different warehouses in different regions. Currently, there is one warehouse for every region. Each warehouse is identified by its warehouse number. The company also tracks the address of the warehouse as well as a contact phone number.

There are five regions: West, Midwest, Southwest, Southeast, and Northwest. Each region is identified by its unique name and unique number.  

Each warehouse holds many products for this company. A product may be found in many warehouses. The company keeps track of this inventory. At any point in time, the company must be able to find which warehouses carry this item, the quantity in stock, reorder point and whether this item is out of stock.

Each product has a unique id, a description, a price. Each product could be on many orders, and an order may have multiple products on it. The company needs to track what quantity was ordered for each product and the total price for those products.

Phone/Fax orders are processed by the employees of the company. The company keeps track of the employee’s id, first and last names, position, hire date, department they work for, their supervisor, and their salary. 












  • Run Visio 2010 either via Citrix or on your workstation.
  • Click on the Software and Database template group in the main window.
  • Double-click on the Database Model Diagram template to open a new file.
  • Save the file with the name Lastname_Task2.vsd. You will need to click the computer icon in the Save As window to see the different drives. Be sure to save the file to a local drive so it will be on your workstation.


STEP 3  


Add an entity for each entity you identified in the requirements.


  • Drag the entity icon onto the drawing area in Visio.
  • In the Database Properties window, add a physical name to identify it.




For each entity, create a list of attributes you think would be useful to describe the entity.


  • Select an entity in the drawing area of Visio.
  • In the Database Properties window, select the Columns category.
  • Use the table to add your attributes to the selected entities.
  • Select the primary key (PK).




Set the diagram to use crow’s feet notation.


  • On the Database tab, in the Manage group, click Display Options.
  • In the Database Document Option dialog, select the Relationship tab.
  • Select the Crow’s Feet check box, and then click OK.




Draw relationships between your entities.


  • Drag the relationship icon onto a blank part of the drawing area.
  • Connect the two ends to each of the two entities in the relationship. The parent entity must have a PK defined. The entity will be outlined in bold red lines when it connects to one end of the relationship.






Set the cardinality of your relationships.


  • Select a relationship line in the drawing area that is connecting two entities.
  • In the Database Properties window, select the Miscellaneous category.
  • Select the cardinality for the selected relationship.




When you are done, save the file on your local hard drive and upload it to the Week 4: Course Project Week 4 Task 2 Dropbox. Your file should have the following filename format: Lastname_Task2.vsd.

For instructions on how to copy files

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