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please respond to my classmate 150 words ( its not an essay) Preparing for Individualism

please respond to my classmate 150 words ( its not an essay) Preparing for Individualism

1. Discuss one or more strategies you will use to gather information on your students in an effort to get to know them and their family (interest inventory, home visit, etc.). Include the benefits of the strategy and use a specific example of how you plan to implement it in your classroom.

One of the strategies that I would use to gather the information on my students and their families is Diversity and Cultural Relativism. Diversity and Cultural Relativism is looking at the effects being taken by educators to better understand the student we’re going to be teaching. Teachers could use this to take a long look at their own racial identifies by focusing on their beliefs and cultural practices. Essentially, this means that you think about your own experiences and attitudes in relation to those of others whose ethnicity, culture, and traditions are different from what is familiar to you(Jaruszewicz, 2013, pg. 3.2). When things happen to a student or their family, being able to share things about yourself or your family can be real encouraging to them. If the student is from a different country, you could incorparate some of their culture actvities during class. All of these help with being able to show the proper empathy, when they are in need of an indiviudal that they can trust. An example of using this would be having a cultural event week in your class and inviting all the families to share some of the things that make their culture different from others.

2. Reflect on the reading, “Tips for Developing Positive Teacher Student Relationships.” Discuss two approaches you will use to build trust with each of your students and why you believe these approaches will be effective.

The two approaches that I would use to build trust with each student are Provide Structure and Treat Them With Respect. I believe strongly in having a very structured environment in the classroom so that the student will be prepared for the expectations each day. The structure will show order and place responsibility on the students. With little to no down time, this will help with keeping the students focused on learning the education material in front of them. Being able to meet expectations for the day will make the student proud of their accomplishments and continue to want to push themselves harder. The next approach is Treat Them With Respect and this is important because all individuals deserve respect from others. Not showing your students the proper respect isn’t going to make them you and that’s not being professional. Building that trust and respect between both parties will show up positively when completing work in the classroom.

3. Reflect on the reading, “Reciprocal Relationships.” Discuss two approaches you will use to build trust with families and why you believe these approaches will be effective.

The two approaches that I would use are Gathering Information and Structured Family Participation. The gathering information approach looks at gathering information about the students and their families. The information will continue to build on the relationships of the families. Using forms that will get information that can be passed along from teacher to teacher.  The other approach is structured family participation is inviting the families to share information about their cultures. Involving the different levels of family member to get the idea of what that family do for fun. These structured programs will allow for a better relationship between the family and educational system.

4. Discuss one or more strategies you can use to prepare your classroom to represent the students, such as through a family bulletin board or a community college. Support your strategies with the text and at least one scholarly resource.

A strategy that I would use for my class to represent the students would be having a cultural week, were the different cultures can present their cultures to others. This will open up better relationships for all the students in the classroom, but also build a relationship between the teachers. Allowing the parents to interact will also help continue to build on that relationship and continue to push the students to higher levels.


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