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TUI MGT499 Mod 4 CS & SLP

TUI MGT499 Mod 4 CS & SLP


After reviewing the book section, presentation materials and additional readings, please discuss what you consider to be the most difficult barriers to strategy implementation and discuss the value of evaluation and measurement in ensuring strategy implementation.  Demonstrate your information literacy skills by reviewing information available on Comcast and identify strategies over the past couple of years that did not work out so well versus strategies that succeeded.  What barriers might have gotten in the way of any less successful strategies?   And what type of strategic evaluation efforts do you think are necessary to keep an eye on progress in a large company like Comcast. 

Here is an e-text reading assignment that provides a good overview of the materials presented in this module: 

Subba, R. (2009).  Strategic Management [Including Skill Development].  Himalaya Publishing House.  Retrieved as e-book from Trident University’s online library.  Pp. 117 – 151 

Please open the Trident University IBIS World document and scroll to the bottom of the page.  Click on the “Click Here” ( at the bottom of the page.  This will take you to IBIS World, an organization well known for conducting industry level research.  Run a search on “Cable” in the search window.  You will then see a list of links that will lead you to detailed industry specific report.  Please click on Cable Providers in the U.S. 

Also take some time to look at what’s going on in related industries. 

Here are some useful readings on strategy implementation that should also help with this module:   

Salih, A., & Doll, Y. (2013). A middle management perspective on strategy implementation. International Journal of Business and Management, 8(22), 32-39. Retrieved from Trident University International library. 

Markiewicz, P. (2011). Change management in the strategy implementation process. Intelektine Ekonomika, (2) Retrieved from Trident University International library. 

Aldehayyat, J. S., & Anchor, J. R. (2010). Strategic planning implementation and creation of value in the firm. Strategic Change, 19(3/4), 163-176. Retrieved from Trident University International library.

Kohl, J. (2006). Mental Models That Block Strategic Plan Implementation. Reflections, 7(1), 30-42. Retrieved from Trident University International library. 

Here are some background readings on the issue of performance measurement as it applies to strategy implementation: 

Albanesius, C. (2014). Verizon tips a la carte internet TV service in 2015. PCmag.Com, Retrieved from Trident University International library.

Nakashima, R. (2014, Mar 10). Dish, disney deal envisions internet TV offer similar to netflix. Telegraph-Journal Retrieved from Trident University International library. 

CHOI, J., HECHT, G. W., & TAYLER, W. B. (2013). Strategy Selection, Surrogation, and Strategic Performance Measurement Systems. Journal Of Accounting Research, 51(1), 105-133. Retrieved from Trident University International library. 

Micheli,P.,  Manzoni, J.F., (2010).  Strategic Performance Measurement: Benefits, Limitations and Paradoxes. Long Range Planning.  43(4), 465-476.    Retrieved from Trident University International library.  

Mitchell, F., Nielsen, L. B., Nørreklit, H., & Nørreklit, L. (2013). Scoring strategic performance: A pragmatic constructivist approach to strategic performance measurement. Journal of Management & Governance, 17(1), 5-34. Retrieved from Trident University International library. 

You may also refer to the readings in Module 1 that provide background on the competitive environment faced by Comcast. 



For this SLP submission you will be asked to submit your fourth blog entry about another important aspect of the strategic management process and to provide examples based on current events pulled from recent articles from reputable sources (such as a major national news source like the NY Times, Business Week, etc.).  

Recall that the main article(s) for each of your blog entries must be no older than 4 months old.  If you use an older article as your primary focal article, you will be asked to redo the assignment.  You may, of course, use older sources to support your discussion but the article serving as the main focus of your paper must be recent. 

This final blog entry will be related to your case assignment in that it will deal with Comcast.  For this assignment consider the short news article related to Verizon by Albanesius (2014) and the Nakashima (2014) article that discusses a deal made between Disney and the Dish Network.  The articles deal with plans to provide video content on mobile devices and on home televisions in an a la carte manner.  As you know, Cable companies tend to bundle programming to cause customers to want to buy more premium packages to accommodate their home entertainment desires.  The players in the industry have been avoiding the a la carte approach to programming in order to cause customers to pay more through the bundling strategy.  

Your assignment will be to present to your blog reading audience an argument as to whether you believe that Comcast is strategically poised to compete with upcoming changes in the environment related to providing an a la carte approach to programming.  What should large cable companies like Comcast be doing now so as not to go the way of Kodak?    

Make sure you provide at least two very recent articles to support your key points (no older than 4 months old).  


all have to be 5 pages

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