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Force Field Analysis

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Force field analysis is an analysis mechanism for determining the forces that affect an anticipated change. Through this method, one is able to identify, evaluate and discuss these forces some of which are for or against the changed that has been proposed. Before effecting the changes, it is proper to do this analysis so as to estimate the level of impact the pros and cons will have on the change. This method is mostly used in the social science to help list the factors that affect situations. Whenever goals are set in life and situations, there are two forces that come into play; these are the forces that pull towards the attainment of the deliverables and those that pull. Management of change is not easy when the opposing forces are at work. An individual or an organization must come up with an effective strategy to handle the changes if they want to meet their target (Accel, 2015).

Describing the concept of a Force Field Analysis (FFA) and then creating an FFA on an issue in your life that you would like to change.

Force field analysis aids in identifying the factors for and factors against a proposed change. In my situation I am planning to change my habit of laziness that drags me back so that I do not perform to my full potential. Laziness comes in several ways that is not easy to identify. It is therefore a major challenge for me, even though I try so hard to deal with it. It is a habit that hides in us and most people don’t realize it. Acknowledging is the first step towards real change. Using Force field analysis is going to help me identify the factors that have been impeding my progress in order to find a way to go around them. On the other hand, I will also be able to come up with the factors that will help me in the change process. The table below is the force field analysis for my proposed change in the bad character of laziness.


Changing the habit of laziness

Factors for

Factors against

Love for sleeping

Better performance of duties

Allure of comfort

Good academic results

Over indulgence I fun activities

Better management of time

Desire for more time to relax

Strict self-discipline

Over enjoyment

Self control

Urge to be idle and do nothing most of the times

Commitment to set goals

Inclination towards easier tasks



 Describe how the restraining forces impede your progress and develop an intervention strategy to enhance the driving forces to make change possible.

I become lazy because I want to be in my comfort zone. This does not allow me to go out of my way to make sure that tasks are done to completion. It all also makes me avoid hard work because it involves a lot of commitment and effort. I am attracted to the allure of relaxation and enjoyment. I don’t feel like spending time engaging in tasks which I find boring, instead I value the things that make me relax and not engage my brain or muscle.  Every time I get started on a new task, get bored and this makes me lack the energy to pursue their task to completion. The result of this is the work being postponed for a later date (Levine, 2012).



 Sleep is the most common form of relaxation. Sleep addiction leaves an individual with less time and psyche to undertake activities, especially those that go into the night. A hard working person does not spend more that the necessary time for sleeping, while the lazy people will use anytime they get to sleep. Sleep is a robber of time.

There are several strategies to be adopted that can help accelerate the change from lazy to an industrious character. The strategies will either improve of the forces that drive this change or counter the forces that work against the change in character.  The first thing to do is to avoid over indulgence in any activity. When one engages more on an activity, the mind becomes fully involved and has the potential of becoming passive. Passive minds would rather stay on the same thing rather than switch to another. Activities that have this effect on us are playing games and watching television.

 A strict self-discipline and self control is a cure for the problem of over indulgence and laziness. Controlling self will help detach of the sources of entertainment when it is time to do so. Self discipline on the other hand will determine the right thing to do at the right time even when there is some resistance.  Commitment to tasks and duties is the solution for controlling the appetite for sleep. This works best when coupled with the setting of the strict time for sleep. The last strategy for fighting laziness is by preparing a work plan that includes all the activities of the day and their time allocations.



Levine. M (2012) The Myth Of Laziness: How Kids – and Parents – Can Become More       Productive. Simon and Schuster- Family & Relationships

Accel (2015) Force Field Analysis.



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